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CFE Tax Advisers Europe is a Brussels-based association of European tax advisers. Founded in 1959, CFE brings together members from 33 national organisations in 26 European countries, representing more than 200,000 tax advisers. CFE strives to contribute to the coordination and development of tax law in Europe by sharing the unique insight of our members with European Institutions, and to promote the co-ordination of national laws that govern and safeguard the tax adviser profession.

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Businesses are becoming increasingly more involved in international projects and multi-national initiatives that require legal expertise and tax advice, not only within their home countries but within other European jurisdictions. The internet provides the perfect platform to respond to these evolving requirements and to realise these initiatives, with its simplicity, instantly accessible information and sophisticated search capabilities. Using advanced web-based technology, the CFE has developed the European Register of Tax Advisers which fulfils the requirements of every person, professional or not, searching for a qualified tax adviser.

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