Opinion Statement on the European Commission Initiative/Roadmap for Reform on Cross-Border Provision on Professional Services of March 2021

CFE Tax Advisers Europe, the leading body representing European tax institutes and associations of tax advisers, notes the European Commission roadmap on reform of professional services of March 2021 and welcomes the opportunity to comment. Limiting our comments to tax professional services, we concur with Commission’s assessment that well-functioning professional-services sector can be a significant source of economic growth and contributor to the post-crisis economic recovery of the European continent.

Whilst we remain supportive of the EU Recommendations of 2017, we urge caution when embarking on regulatory reforms, due to the different standards or cultures of tax professional regulation across the continent. Careful analysis should take into account the role of tax professional services in the digital transition and in particular the role played by innovation and digitalisation.

We invite you to read our statement, and remain available for any queries.