About us

CFE Tax Advisers Europe is a Brussels-based association representing European tax advisers. Founded in 1959, CFE brings together 33 national organisations from 26 European countries, representing more than 200,000 tax advisers.

Role and Mission


Safeguard the professional interests of tax advisers and assure the quality of tax services provided by tax advisers.


Exchange information about national tax laws and contribute to the co-ordination and development of tax law in Europe.


Maintain relations with the authorities at national and international levels, and share with the authorities of the European Union the experience and insight of our member tax advisers from all areas of taxation and professional law.


Inform the public about the services that tax advisers provide.


Seek to provide the best possible conditions for tax advisers to carry out their profession.

Promote the co-ordination of national laws governing the profession, and achieve the protection of each national tax adviser’s title in Europe.


Championing Unified Professional Standards for European Tax Advisers

CFE Tax Advisers Europe is the most representative organisation of European tax advisers, comprised of 33 member organisations from over 26 European Union countries. Accordingly, CFE plays an important role in promoting uniform standards for access to the tax profession and its practice, and in contributing to European discussion and consultations to ensure fair taxation and the protection of taxpayers’ rights.

To promote uniform model professional standards within the profession, CFE Tax Advisers Europe adopted the “European Professional Principles of Tax Advisers” in Rome in 1990. In 1991, CFE’s General Assembly also adopted guidelines and professional principles set out in a document entitled “The development of the tax profession in Europe”.

The members of all professional organisations who form part of CFE Tax Advisers Europe are subject to these guidelines, to ensure that only individuals who satisfy the standards are admitted to the tax profession as qualified professionals, and CFE recommends that the governments of European countries require all who are involved in the provision of tax advice to be bound by these guidelines. This will further the protection of taxpayers’ interests, improve relations with tax authorities, and set the highest possible standard for professional service within the profession.

CFE Guidelines
CFE Manifesto