Joint Statement on Clearer VAT Guidance on Charitable Donations

CFE Tax Advisers Europe has issued a Joint Statement with Accountancy Europe, AmCham EU and E-Commerce Europe calling for clearer VAT guidance on charitable donations for social and sustainability goals.

Our organisations represent a variety of businesses and tax professionals who see an opportunity for the European Commission to strengthen the EU’s values and sustainability goals through the ubiquitous application of VAT relief on charitable donations across the EU. Businesses across Europe can make a difference every day by donating goods, as the destruction of unsold goods comes at an extremely high cost for people and the environment.

The European Environmental Bureau estimates that the value of destroyed electronics and clothing in the EU will amount to €71.29 billion by 2030. Ranging from wholesome food to spare appliances and furniture, the goods in question would not find a place in the market, but could make material contributions to charitable causes while pursuing EU goals in the Waste Framework Directive and in sustainability reporting.

The importance of harmonising VAT donations across the EU27 has also been recognised in the recent Report on the Single Market spearheaded by Enrico Leta, President of the Jacques Delors Institute, which was published on 16 April 2024. This report asks the European Commission to consider greater harmonisation of VAT neutralisation options for donations across the Single Market.

With this letter, we call upon the European Commission to provide further guidance to Member States on applying the VAT Directive exemption on charitable donations, to alleviate concerns about VAT avoidance and to facilitate corporate donations across the EU.

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