Opinion Statement TTC 1/2022 on the OECD Public Consultation on a Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework and Amendments to the Common Reporting Standard

CFE Tax Advisers Europe has issued an Opinion Statement on the OECD public consultation on a Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework and Amendments to the Common Reporting Standard. CFE recognises the need to understand and meet the challenges presented by the crypto revolution. For this reason we are supportive of the OECD efforts to establish global transparency but are of the view there is a clear need to focus on how this framework is implemented. CFE is concerned about the scope and nexus rules of the framework, and believes a tax framework for e-assets should be developed prior to a system for exchange of information.

CFE is of the view that existing tax legislation establishes canons of taxation that have the capacity to deal with crypto assets and that what is needed is convertability which enables ready adaptation. Acccordingly it should be no surprise that in our view amendment to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is a necessary precursor for this to happen and we are wholly supportive of the OECD proposals in this respect. We are not sure, at this stage, that the proposal for the development of a CARF, which underlies this consultation, has the necessary structural foundations to enable implementation and, therefore, risks substantial untargeted and unmatched overreporting if introduced in haste.

Release of an early CARF, which we think will not be globally accepted, will act as a disincentive for the economic and prosperous development of the sector in mature tax environments. It will act as a driver for crypto activity to develop in countries which make clear their intention not to introduce regulation and reporting in accord with a CARF.

CFE wonder whether a country by country implementation is necessarily the way to progress and think it far too early to form a view one way or another. That said, we reiterate our support both for a clear enunciation of a global taxation framework which includes cryptoassets, signposted by the Common Reporting Standard, and further research into what a Crypto Asset Reporting Framework which has global connectivity and matched reporting could look like.

CFE reiterates its position that it welcomes the work of the OECD in seeking to establish a crypto-asset reporting framework and exchange of information in this field in light of the development of new financial technologies, and remains available to assist in any further stakeholder consultation processes. 

We invite you to read the statement and would welcome any feedback or queries concerning the position paper.

Download the statement.