Opinion Statement PAC 4/2020 on the European Commission Initiative/Roadmap for Communication and Recommendation to Improve the Situation of Taxpayers in the Single Market

CFE Tax Advisers Europe, the leading body representing European tax institutes and associations of tax advisers, welcomes the renewed focus of the European Commission on taxpayers’ rights and tax certainty, by way of the initiative/Roadmap for a Communication and Recommendation to improve the situation of taxpayers in the Single Market, published on 31 October 2020. CFE has long advocated the fundamental importance of taxpayers’ rights for tax good governance, and the role that clear statements of taxpayer, and tax administration, rights and obligations, can play in this respect.

Taxpayer and tax administration rights and obligations are becoming an issue of global interest. Engagement in this work is of extreme and vital importance for all interested parties and stakeholders. CFE looks forward to being an active contributor to further progress in the area. We stand ready to support the Commission’s work in this area, as members of EU’s Platform on Tax Good Governance, and wholly endorse and welcome the renewed focus on taxpayers’ rights.

We invite you to read our statement on this topic, and remain at your disposal for any queries you may have.