The Torino-Busan Declaration

On 3 October 2019, the founding bodies of the GTAP (CFE Tax Advisers Europe, the Asia Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association and the West African Union of Tax Institutes) signed the Torino-Busan Declaration, a binding document in which they define their main purposes: shaping the contemporaneous developments in the field of global taxation and ensuring the fair and efficient operations of national and international tax systems. GTAP sets out four key short-term priorities in the Declaration which include a focus on tax for growth, sustainable tax policies, tax and digitalisation and taxpayers’ rights and certainty in a fast-paced world.

The objective of the Declaration is to regroup the joint efforts of the GTAP members around these priorities, in order to draw attention on the need for recognition of the rights and interests of taxpayers, and the role of tax professionals.

Please find the full Declaration at the link below.