“The Data Economy: On Evaluation and Taxation”

On 15 April, CFE President Piergiorgio Valente has had an article published on IBFD Journal European Taxation. In the article entitled “The Data Economy: On Evaluation and Taxation”, the CFE President spoke about the data-centered economy and the proper method for the evaluation of data and data processing activities.

Regarding the data-centered business models, Piergiorgio Valente said: “While data-centred business models are claiming an ever-growing share of worldwide revenue, regulatory efforts to identify proper tax rules for the relevant activities are intensifying. It is questionable whether or not the proposals currently on the table capture the distinctive features of the data economy. The formulation of appropriate tax rules requires a thorough understanding of the mechanics of data processing activities and due consideration of the difference between information, which is an intangible asset, and tangible assets.

Please find the article below.