Article from CFE President published in Finance & Gestion Magazine

CFE President, Piergiorgio Valente, has had an article published in the October edition of the French periodical Finance & Gestion. In the article entitled “Digitalization: Making the Best out of International Taxation’s Disrupters”, the CFE President spoke about international taxation and how digitalisation of the economy is affecting business models.

Regarding the international tax framework, Piergiorgio Valente said: “Digitalization of the economy is challenging the efficiency of the international tax framework. While the need to modify the framework is shared around the globe, the steps that have been made until today can sometimes imply unilateralism.”

In April 2018, CFE Tax Advisers Europe organized a Forum on the fair taxation of the digital economy, where the President moderated a discussion on the role of intangible assets and data in terms of value creation for new business models, current methods of taxing digital companies and the challenges of adapting to the digital world.