46th Issue of the IAFEI Quarterly

The International Association of Financial Executive Institutes (IAFEI), Member of our Global Tax Advisers Platform (GTAP), has published the 46th Issue of the IAFEI Quarterly, the last for 2019.

What can you find inside?

  1. A message from IAFEI Chairman, Mr Eduardo I. Francisco;
  2. “Intelligent Audit – Getting Ready for the Next Generation Compliance Controls” – an article by mr Mauro Marchiaro and mr Riccardo Volpati (Accenture);
  3. The CFE Tax Advisers Europe Response to the OECD Public Consultation Document: Secretariat Proposal for a “Unified Approach” Under Pillar One;
  4. An overview of the works of GTAP;
  5. France-USA: “Global Showdown Excepted” – an article by professors John Graham (Duke University) and Philippe Dupuy (Grenoble Ecole de Management);
  6. Germany: “To Become More Efficient, It Is Not Easy” – an interview with Dr Arno Antlitz (Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand);
  7. South Africa: “Blockchain Technology is Set To Revolutionise Currency But What Does Than Mean For Business And The Banking Sector” – an interview with Mr Chris Becker (Investec Bank);
  8. Philippines: “On Climate Change: Global Leaders Fiddle While Our Planet Burns” – an article by Abelardo Cortez (IAFEI)

The publication is available for download at the link below.