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CFE Tax Advisers Europe together with the Asia-Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association (“AOTCA”) and the West African Union of Tax Institutes (“WAUTI”), established the Global Tax Advisers Platform (“GTAP”) in 2013.

GTAP is an international platform, representing more than 700,000 tax advisers in Europe, Asia and Africa, that seeks to bring together national and international organizations of tax professionals from all around the world. The principal aim of GTAP is to promote taxpayer and tax advisers’ interests by ensuring the fair and efficient operation of the global tax framework, including recognition of the rights and interests of taxpayers, and the role of tax professionals.

The Asia-Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association (AOTCA)

AOTCA represents 330,000 tax advisers from 20 professional bodies in 16 countries in the Asian-Pacific region. AOTCA safeguards the professional interest of tax advisers in order to assure the quality of tax services provided to the public. AOTCA promotes the development of the national laws governing the profession, exchanges information about national tax and professional laws and the development of the tax and professional law in Asia and Oceania and maintains relations with the authorities at national and international levels.

Role and mission:

  • To promote mutual understanding and cooperation among the organisations;
  • To contribute to the expansion of the component members’ businesses related to taxation and its related areas; and
  • To promote friendship among the members.

CFE Tax Advisers Europe

CFE Tax Advisers Europe is a Brussels-based association of European tax advisers. Founded in 1959, CFE brings together members from 30 national organisations in 24 European countries, representing more than 200,000 tax advisers. CFE strives to contribute to the co-ordination and development of tax law in Europe by sharing the unique insight of our members with European institutions, and to promote the co-ordination of national laws that govern and safeguard the tax adviser profession.

Role and mission:

  • Safeguard the professional interests of tax advisers and assure the quality of tax services provided by tax advisers;
  • Exchange information about national tax laws and contribute to the co-ordination and development of tax law in Europe;
  • Maintain relations with the authorities at national and international levels, and share with the authorities of the European Union the experience and insight of our member tax advisers from all areas of taxation and professional law;
  • Inform the public about the services that tax advisers provide;
  • Seek to provide the best possible conditions for tax advisers to carry out their profession; and
  • Promote the co-ordination of national laws governing the profession, and achieve the protection of each national tax adviser’s title in Europe.

The West African Union of Tax Institutes (WAUTI)

The West African Union of Tax Institutes (WAUTI) has been set up by the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) and the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Ghana (CITG) in collaboration with revenue agencies in the West African Region. WAUTI creates a forum for technical and educational development, information sharing and enhancement of Tax Practice and Administration.

Role and mission:

  • To develop and enhance Taxation profession in West Africa;
  • To promote the development of common technical and educational guidelines, professional ethics and standards in member-bodies;
  • To act as a centre for the development and dissemination of information concerning taxation standards and practices in West Africa;
  • To provide encouragement for and assistance with the formation and development of national taxation bodies;
  • To co-operate with International Tax Directors’ Forum (ITDF), as much as possible, in its programme of activities;
  • To collaborate with regional organizations, international bodies and agencies in the development and promotion of the taxation profession within the sub region;
  • To provide a forum for the professional development of member-bodies through seminars, symposia, congresses and interchange of ideas and experiences; and
  • Generally to do such other things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the Union’s objectives.

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