Have you registered with the European Register of Tax Advisers?


Businesses are becoming increasingly more involved in international projects and multi-national initiatives that require legal expertise and tax advice, not only in the country they are established, but also within other European jurisdictions. The internet provides the perfect platform to respond to these evolving requirements and to realise these initiatives, with its simplicity, instantly accessible information and sophisticated search capabilities. Using advanced web-based technology, the CFE has developed the European Register of Tax Advisers which fulfils the requirements of every person, professional or not, searching for a qualified tax adviser.

Why should you register?

If you belong to a CFE Tax Advisers Europe member organisation, your organisation ensures that you comply with the requirements of the OPE Code of Conduct and are accordingly one of the most qualified tax advisers in Europe. Our register provides appropriately qualified tax advisers with the opportunity to increase their online presence and to widen their professional network. The register allows advisers to easily connect and collaborate with other advisers, and provides a further means for advisers to engage with potential clients through advertising their areas of expertise and contact details.

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