EU & Global Tax Policy Developments 2018


The 2018 EU & Global Tax Policy Developments publication is a compilation of CFE’s Tax Top 5, Global Tax Top 5 and EU Tax Policy Reports from 2018. The “Tax Top 5” is a weekly e-publication containing the most relevant tax news and tax policy developments from the EU institutions, EU courts and OECD [...]

CFE Technical & Policy Publications of 2018


The CFE 2018 Technical & Policy Publications is a collection of all CFE Tax Advisers Europe position papers released in 2018. 2018 was an important year for tax policy, both within Europe and across the world, and CFE’s technical output concerning the many significant tax policy developments was a crucial tool to exchange information [...]

CFE Biannual Publications Report 2017-2018


In 2017 and 2018, CFE Tax Advisers Europe continued being the main interlocutor in the dialogue with the EU institutions on tax technical and tax policy matters. The publications are our key tool in informing the internal and external stakeholders of relevant developments. Equally, through the publications, we share the unique insight and expertise [...]

International Tax Cooperation Congress 2019 in Barcelona


The “International Tax Cooperation” Congress 2019 on Digital Economy, Transfer Pricing and Litigation in Tax Matters (MAPs + ADR) will take place in Barcelona on Thursday and Friday, 17th, 18th January 2019 Venue: ILLUSTRIUS BAR ASSOCIATION OF BARCELONA Calle de Mallorca, 283 – 08037 Barcelona, Spain PROGRAMME & REGISTRATION

Results of the CFE Survey on the Implementation of the 4th AML Directive


BACKGROUND EU Member states had until 26 June 2017 to implement the 4th EU Anti-Money Directive (“AMLD”) into domestic legislation. The 4th AMLD reinforces the existing rules by introducing the following changes: reinforcing risk assessment obligation for certain obliged entities; setting transparency requirements about beneficial ownership for companies, facilitating cooperation and exchange of information [...]