Opinion Statement on the EU Consultation on Current VAT Rules for Insurance & Financial Services


CFE Tax Advisers Europe, the leading body representing European tax institutes and associations of tax advisers, has published an Opinion Statement responding to the European Commission's public consultation on current VAT rules for insurance and financial services. CFE are of the view that current exemption works well in general in the sector. However it is [...]

Opinion Statement FC 7/2020 on the EU Consultations on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism & Energy Taxation Directive


CFE Tax Advisers Europe welcomes the opportunity to provide input on the EU consultations concerning the Energy Taxation Directive and the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. Climate changes affects us all. CFE accordingly welcomed the goal announced by European Commission President Von der Leyen during her first State of the Union address on 16 September [...]

Opinion Statement FC 6/2020 on the EU Consultation on the EU TOMS VAT Regime


CFE Tax Advisers Europe welcomed the recent opportunity to provide input on the EU consultation evaluating the EU VAT rules for travel agents and tour operators. CFE consider that there is a need to reform the TOMS scheme, although we do not see the need for reform as being purely due to the fact [...]

Opinion Statement FC 5/2020 on Unharmonized Reporting Obligations in VAT


CFE Tax Advisers Europe has published a statement addressed to the European Commission highlighting issues with the lack of harmonization in VAT reporting within the European Union. The VAT system within the European Union should be moving towards a system of increased harmonization to facilitate the single market. However, when it comes to the [...]

CFE Opinion Statement FC 4/2020 concerning double taxation in VAT


Double taxation in all its forms inhibits the single market. It is possibly surprising that VAT, which is largely, but not completely, a harmonised tax within the European Union, has no formal cross border mechanisms for avoiding double taxation. In the direct tax sphere, there are double tax treaties between countries. Within the Union, [...]

CFE Opinion Statement FC 3/2020 on the Directive on Tax Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in the European Union


Double taxation impedes the ability of entrepreneurs operating cross-border to develop their business and consequently decreases the competitiveness of the Single Market. Easily accessible, efficient and effective dispute resolution mechanisms are a crucial element in achieving fair and effective taxation within the Single Market. CFE accordingly welcomed the Commission’s intention to expand and improve [...]

CFE Opinion Statement FC 2/2020 concerning the deduction of import VAT on the import of goods


The CFE Fiscal Committee has prepared an Opinion Statement on issues concerning the deduction of import VAT on the import of goods, arising from the decision of the Court of Justice of the EU in the case of C-187/14 Skatteministeriet v DSV Road A/S. In its decision, the Court of Justice took the view that a [...]

Opinion Statement FC 1/2020 on the harmonisation of VAT penalties in the EU


The CFE Fiscal Committee has prepared an Opinion Statement on issues surrounding the justification for harmonisation of VAT penalties in the EU. The movement to the destination principle in VAT and in particular the abolition of current distance sales rules in 2021 by Council Directive 2017/2455 mean that businesses are going to increasingly have [...]

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