The CFE 60th Anniversary Book


Last year, CFE Tax Advisers Europe celebrated its 60th Anniversary. For the occasion, we held several events in the beautiful Italian city of Turin, where we were proud to present a publication which we compiled in honour of the significant anniversary: the CFE 60th Anniversary Book. The Anniversary Book commemorates the 60th anniversary of [...]

CFE 60th Anniversary Liber Amicorum


In this Liber Amicorum, compiled in honour of the 60th Anniversary of CFE Tax Advisers Europe, renowned tax experts discuss key tax issues that challenge tax advisers, tax academics and tax officials on a daily basis. From digital economy to value chain analysis, touching upon controversial subjects such as robot taxes and taxpayers' human [...]

CFE European Professional Affairs Handbook for Tax Advisers


This Handbook has been designed as an overview and a starting point for professionals looking for information on the conditions of practicing their profession in another CFE country. It can only provide a general picture of the legal situation in the countries concerned and cannot cover the complexity of national regulation referred to. Furthermore, [...]

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