CFE Tax Advisers Europe is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as a non-governmental member of the European Commission’s Platform for Tax Good Governance, Aggressive Tax Planning and Double Taxation. The Platform was established by the European Commission in order to seek advice and assistance from expert stakeholders in the field of tax good governance, aggressive tax planning and double taxation. The Platform also provides an opportunity for members to exchange views and have an open dialogue with the European Commission concerning significant taxation issues facing the tax profession and wider society.

CFE is honoured to be among the limited number of non-governmental members and to be the only organisation of advisers in the professional tax field selected to participate in the important work the Platform carries out. In line with Commission Decision 2019/C 428/08 on the renewal of the platform’s members, CFE’s mandate at the Platform for Tax Good Governance will run until 31 October 2022, after which time CFE will have the possibility to renew its participation. CFE will be represented at the Platform by CFE President, Professor Piergiorgio Valente and Aleksandar Ivanovski, Tax Policy Manager at CFE Tax Advisers Europe.

CFE has been a member of the Platform since its inception in 2012 and has benefited from the opportunity to provide its input on many significant taxation issues through its participation at the expert group. CFE accordingly welcomes the Commission’s decision to renew the Platform’s mandate. Given the technical expertise within the CFE organisation and its status as being a leader in tax knowledge, its participation in the EU Commission VAT Expert Group, EU Commission VAT Forum and UN Committee of Experts in International Cooperation in Tax Matters, CFE looks forward to being able to draw on the direct link it has to the experience of practitioners across the EU and its regular involvement in the areas of tax good governance, double taxation and tax planning to contribute to the valuable work of the Platform.