CFE’s Global Tax Top 10 – September 2020

BRUSSELS | SEPTEMBER 2020 New CFE Executive Board Appointed by General Assembly CFE Tax Advisers Europe is pleased to announce that a new Executive Board for the period of 2021-2022 was elected at its online General Assembly on 25 September 2020. The new Executive Board will take up their duties on 1 January 2021. The General Assembly, the [...]

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CFE’s EU Tax Top 5 – Round-up of EU Tax Policy News – 14 September 2020

BRUSSELS | 14 SEPTEMBER 2020 Informal ECOFIN Meeting: 11 & 12 September  An informal ECOFIN meeting was held in Berlin from 11 to 12 September, with finance ministers meeting for the first time in person since March, received by German Finance Minister Olaf Scholtz. Ministers discussed EU recovery from COVID-19, the EU budget and own [...]

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CFE Opinion Statement PAC 3/2020 on the EU Commission Consultation on the AML Action Plan

CFE Tax Advisers Europe has published a statement responding to the European Commission Public Consultation on an Action-Plan for a Comprehensive Union Policy on Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. CFE welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the European Union public consultation on further strengthening the Union policy and legislative framework on anti-money laundering [...]

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Opinion Statement FC 5/2020 on Unharmonized Reporting Obligations in VAT

CFE Tax Advisers Europe has published a statement addressed to the European Commission highlighting issues with the lack of harmonization in VAT reporting within the European Union. The VAT system within the European Union should be moving towards a system of increased harmonization to facilitate the single market. However, when it comes to the [...]

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CFE’s EU Tax Policy Report – Semester I 2020

CFE Tax Advisers Europe has now published its EU Tax Policy Report covering the first semester of 2020. The EU Tax Policy Report is a bi-annual publication which provides a detailed analysis of significant primary law and tax policy developments at both EU and international level that have occurred in the previous six months [...]

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CFE’s Global Tax Top 10 Issue 04 2020

Please see below Edition 04 of 2020 of CFE’s monthly publication “CFE’s Global Tax Top 10”. CFE’s Global Tax Top 10 builds on a long-standing tax technical and policy cooperation between CFE, AOTCA (Asia-Oceania Tax Consultants Association) and WAUTI (West African Union of Tax Institutes), which are the leading tax professionals’ organisations of the [...]

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In Memoriam of Giuseppe Barranco Di Valdivieso

It is with deep sadness that the CFE Tax Advisers Europe Executive Board Members and CFE Office Team join together in paying their respects to the late Giuseppe Barranco Di Valdivieso. Giuseppe Barranco Di Valdivieso’s contributions to CFE Tax Advisers Europe during his 20 years of dedicated and selfless service were many and varied. [...]

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CFE’s EU Tax Top 5 – Round-up of EU Tax Policy News – 14 April 2020

In order to help you keep informed of recent EU & international tax policy developments, please see below the “CFE’s Tax Top 5” for a summary of the main developments. This week’s edition looks at the following: German Upcoming EU Presidency Tax Priorities: Return of the FTT; Eurogroup Agree on 500 Billion Euro COVID-19 [...]

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