CFE’s EU Tax Policy Report – Semester II 2020

CFE Tax Advisers Europe has now published its EU Tax Policy Report covering the second semester of 2020. The EU Tax Policy Report is a bi-annual publication which provides a detailed analysis of significant primary law and tax policy developments at both EU and international level that have occurred in the previous six months [...]

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Applications Open: CFE’s 2020 Albert J Rädler Medal Award

Submissions are now invited for CFE’s 2020 Albert J. Rädler Medal Award. The award was established in 2013 in order to encourage and reward academic excellence in European taxation, as well as to recognise Professor Albert J. Rädler’s esteemed contribution to the field of taxation within Europe. In order to be eligible to apply, an applicant must have [...]

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CFE’s EU Tax Top 5 – Round-up of EU Tax Policy News – 14 December 2020

BRUSSELS | 14 DECEMBER 2020 AG Kokott: Belgian Excess Profit Rulings Constitute 'State Aid Scheme' Advocate General Kokott issued an Opinion in Case C-337/19 P Commission v Belgium and Magnetrol International NV (Belgian Excess Profit Rulings). According to AG Kokott, the Commission rightly classified the Belgian practice of downward adjustments to profits of multinational group [...]

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CFE’s EU Tax Top 5 – Round-up of EU Tax Policy News – 7 December 2020

BRUSSELS | 7 DECEMBER 2020 CFE's 13th European Professional Affairs Conference  CFE’s 13th European Webinar Conference on Tax Advisers’ Professional Affairs was held virtually on Monday, 30 November 2020, on the topic of “Taxpayer Rights and Legal Certainty in the Digital Era”, examining European and global developments in the protection of taxpayers’ rights and the [...]

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Opinion Statement ECJ-TF 3/2020 on the General Court Judgments in Cases T-778/16 and T-892/16, Ireland v. Commission and Apple v. Commission

CFE has published an Opinion Statement prepared by the CFE ECJ Task Force on the cases Ireland v Commission (T-778/16) and Apple Sales International and Apple Operations Europe v Commission (T-892/16),  decided by the General Court (GC) on the 15 July 2020. This follows the earlier judgments rendered by the GC in the Starbucks [...]

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CFE’s EU Tax Top 5 – Round-up of EU Tax Policy News – 5 October 2020

BRUSSELS | 5 OCTOBER 2020 EU Commission Publishes VAT E-Commerce Rules Explanatory Notes  The European Commission has published Explanatory Notes on the E-Commerce Rules introduced under Directive 2017/2455 in December 2017 and Directive 2019/1995 in November 2019. The e-commerce rules were introduced as part of the EU Commission’s Digital Strategy, to simplify VAT obligations on cross-border sale [...]

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CFE’s Global Tax Top 10 – September 2020

BRUSSELS | SEPTEMBER 2020 New CFE Executive Board Appointed by General Assembly CFE Tax Advisers Europe is pleased to announce that a new Executive Board for the period of 2021-2022 was elected at its online General Assembly on 25 September 2020. The new Executive Board will take up their duties on 1 January 2021. The General Assembly, the [...]

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CFE’s EU Tax Top 5 – Round-up of EU Tax Policy News – 14 September 2020

BRUSSELS | 14 SEPTEMBER 2020 Informal ECOFIN Meeting: 11 & 12 September  An informal ECOFIN meeting was held in Berlin from 11 to 12 September, with finance ministers meeting for the first time in person since March, received by German Finance Minister Olaf Scholtz. Ministers discussed EU recovery from COVID-19, the EU budget and own [...]

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